Healing Ashrams

Our Healing Ashram is a divine place where people enter with innumerable concerns and botheration, but they leave with mental…..


Healing Philosophy

When a baby is born, he inherits biological genes, the belief system and the behaviour pattern of the family genes.…..


Corporate Consciousness

Science of Spirituality is not limited to healing an individual’s mind, body and soul, but it has proven to be beneficial in producing positive energy from organizations, as well. There are moments in our lives, when we don’t understand where to head and how to channelize our skills. All these factors hinder us from reaching bigger targets in life. At ISSAR, we guide people through Corporate Consciousness, which can be broadly classified into two segments.

Concentration of Energy

While the corporate world is all about meeting targets, sales pipeline and big turnovers, good energy that can lead to…..



Stress management is the key to leading a prosperous and productive life, especially when it comes to working people in…..


Other Services


Spiritual healing is an ancient method of healing that promotes physical and intellectual harmony, clearing physical and mental stress...


Spiritual Business Consulting

Being an entrepreneur or shaping your career may seem like all sunshine and rainbows with occasional rainfalls, on the outside...


Life Transformation

Life transformation through spiritual healing is all about leaving the old ways behind, especially the ones that have become burdens...


Chronic Issues

We, as spiritual healers, define the meaning and purpose of life and awaken the sense of connectedness with people and…..


Relationship Issues

Sometimes, relationships can be hard, be it bonding between husband and wife, siblings, business partners or parents and children...


Family Prosperity

Family prosperity is everyone’s goal and being prosperous means you have a happy life full of abundance, which is worth…..

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