The Coach

Hitesh Chakraworty

Spiritual Healer, ISSAR

Hitesh has practised spiritual healing in several countries and initiated his journey of spiritual self-discovery in various ashrams in India in 2016. His intent is to guide people to shift subconscious imprinting, foster their authentic selves, and harmonise their mind, body, and spirit.

This turnaround came after having spent years, climbing the corporate ladder in MNCs like Times of India Group and Perfetti Van Melle Group among others. Hitesh realized that unhealed emotional wounds and traumas in life could keep repeating in unhealthy cycles. And wholeness that people try to find outside can only be reclaimed within. This is when he decided to devote the rest of his life to healing people spiritually.

His services can be broadly categorized into Life Transformation, Relationship Issues and Ancestral Healing (DNA decoding genetic problems). Hitesh focused on intensive spiritual research in various ashrams in Uttarakhand under the guidance of sages and achievement in the Science of Spirituality. He now aims at using his years of experience dedicated to his self-discovery journey and intuitive gifts to guide people towards a fulfilling life, good health, joy, love, wealth and inner peace.

He believes in divine intelligence and listening to the powerful force within. He is grateful for this life and the great opportunity to share it with everyone.

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Founded by Hitesh Chakraworty, a prominent Global Spiritual Healer, ISSAR is a renowned organization that emphasizes the Power of Science and Spirituality to heal people. With decades of experience in promoting healing and wellness on all levels of mind, body, spirit, and soul, Hitesh started his journey in UAE, practiced spiritual healing in different countries and brought the same science of Spiritual Healing to India. With an intention to guide people to shift subconscious imprinting, foster their authentic self, and harmonize their mind, body, and spirit; he aims at using his expertise and intuitive gifts to guide people towards more health, fulfilled life, love, wealth, mindfulness, compassion, and inner peace.