Who we are

ISSAR- Institute of Spiritual Science Awareness and Research

Find the deepest truths of enlightenment, consciousness and universe at ISSAR.

Awakening occurs when awareness becomes aware of itself and is not locked onto the perceived activities of life. The mind quietens and there is no longer any resistance, when you learn to remove the obstacles in your own mind. This is the state when awareness becomes aware of itself and this is what is called a glimpse of true nature.

At ISSAR, we help you recognize and realize your true nature through spiritual healing. We are trained minds and experienced healers who use Science of Spirituality (SoS) to help you solve various life-related issues, be it addiction, anorexia, couples’ relationships, chronic illness, suicidal tendencies, panic attacks, family prosperity, depression, anxiety, schizophrenia, psychosis, sleep paralysis or business consultancy with spiritual healing techniques.

Our Services

Our Healing Ashram is a divine place where people enter with innumerable concerns and botheration, but they leave…

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We do not share our clients credentials on public forums as healing is completely a personal journey. However we are sharing our students' experience for reference.