Ancestral Healing Workshop

About the workshop 

We are connected to the ancestors by biology, territory and spirit. We are a result of their genes, karma and soul’s development. Their energy resides within all of us through our DNA and has the potential to influence us in our daily lives through their living consciousness. To stop a karmic pattern of dis-ease in our family is a true soul’s purpose through ancestral healing.

Workshop on Psychopomp, Crossing-over & Space Clearing

About the Workshop

The workshop is specially designed for people who are interested in understanding spiritual therapy and connecting with their spirit guide and spirit animal for well-being of self and their loved ones.

Workshop on Chakra Balancing

About the workshop

We have energy field in and around our body which is called Aura. Our physical body is soaked in this energy like sponge soaked in water. The Aura is not uniformly distributed. The body has energy centers that look like spinning wheels and are called Chakras. They allow energy to flow from one part of the body to another. Blocked energy in these chakras can often lead to illness. This workshop is designed to learn about Chakras and how to balance them.