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The United Nations International Labour Organisation (ILO) released its World Employment and Social Outlook Report which stated that unemployment in India is projected to witness marginal increase in 2018, signaling stagnation in job creation in the country. In a time where unemployment is on the rise, it has become imperative for people to have numerous degrees, certificates of different part-time and vocational courses, years of unmatched experience and knowledge. People look for alternate career options, just in case they lose their jobs; it is better to be prepared than be shocked at the surprising turn of events in life.

There is a career option open for people from all fields i.e. Holistic Healing. ISSAR  has made it very simple to become a certified Hr. (Holistic Healer). ISSAR believes in sharing and spreading the knowledge gained out of years of experience and learning. Why you should choose ISSAR?

  1. 100% Placement Assistance
  2. ISSAR not only imparts knowledge to save lives but also helps its learners to practise what they have learnt. Those who further want to impart their healing knowledge to others can join ISSAR. Those who want to practise what they learnt by healing others can join “Happy Healing” based on their eligibility and interest.

  3. Curriculum with International Therapies
  4. The curriculum has been designed by Hr Hitesh Chakraworty who himself learnt Holistic Healing practices in Dubai and Moscow. He has spent years in Human Resources profession, further to which he went on to imbibe healing practices. He spent years in studying psychology of people and how they can be healed by using different therapies. The curriculum is a mix of Indian and International therapies after thorough research which gives a wide range of exposure to the learners.

  5. Delivery in English as well as in Hindi
  6. To make it easier and open to all the enthusiasts, ISSAR provides course delivery in Hindi and English. At ISSAR, we believe that language should not act as a barrier to  the one who is dedicated and wants to serve mankind.

  7. Full-Time(Weekdays) and Part-Time(Weekend) courses available.
  8. ISSAR provides course schedule keeping in mind that its learners come from all aspects of life. Students, Professionals – wanting to change their profession, Housewives, Senior people. You can opt for full time/weekend courses depending on your feasibility.

    You would be able to heal people out of psychological diseases like Depression, Anxiety, Bipolar Mood Disorder, Trauma and more; and physical diseases like Paralysis, Cardiac Disorder, and even Cancer. There is stability in the field of holistic healing because this alternate form of therapy is very reliable. It’s the time of 9 to 5 jobs, cut-throat competition & stressful lives; people are always looking for solutions that could heal them of their nerve-racking disorders so that they can continue striving for success and money. Another important benefit of becoming a holistic healer is the righteousness that comes with it. There is no better satisfaction in the world than being able to help someone in a way that changes their lives.

    So, come and make a career with ISSAR and get on the road to a bright professional life and a rewarding career.

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