About the Workshop

The workshop is specially designed for people who are interested in understanding spiritual therapy and connecting with their spirit guide and spirit animal for well-being of self and their loved ones.

In this workshop, participants will learn following –

  • The bioenergetics of dying – how energy centres in the body release during the process of transitioning
  • How to safely connect with your higher self & spiritual guides & how to be an anchor of light during transitioning in order to help the individual/s feel safe & loved during the transition process
  • What happens after a person physically dies? – understanding the steps of the transition process, & assisting the transition, using simple healing & meditation techniques
  • How to safely establish & maintain communication with an individual that has physically died but has not yet crossed over. This communication is for the purpose of walking him or her over to the other side
  • How to utilize spiritual techniques to safely walk individuals & or groups who have died, but have not yet crossed into Spirit
  • How to communicate with, and walk, those animals that have transitioned, but not yet left the Earth plane
  • How to utilize spiritual techniques to clear a house, an office, or other space of undesirable energy including lingering spirits or entities

Duration – 2 days/ 4 hours per day