Past Life Regression Therapy

Everything you’ve seen, felt and experienced in this life might have a connection from your past life. All the memories of your previous existences are housed in your subconscious…and then brought to light in your current consciousness during this PLRT process. Past life regression is a technique that uses hypnosis to recover from the memories of past life and this whole process is called past life regression therapy.

PLRT cuts to the core uncovering the root cause(s) of our issues in this lifetime, and through the therapy process can resolve issues, produce change and create results in no time. A person who suffers from a long time disease and cannot find any concrete reason for that disease opts for PLRT. A key part of the process is to love, to accept, or to make peace with things as they are, thus freeing the energy of transformation.

The benefits of Past Life Regression Therapy include:

Clearing/healing trauma: This is the most common aspect of healing in past life regression. Whenever there is some kind of trauma is encountered, rescuing the past-life self (PLS) and bringing him/her forward to the present, or going in depth of the trauma and getting the answers from the past life to heal completely from traumas.

Healing overt acts: It is basically freeing you from the weight of the past. Clinging to the past is useless in solving any problems, you can only learn from it. This therapy helps people from being a victim in this year because they were a perpetrator in past year.

Contacting creativity from past life: Most of us have had a variety of talents and desirable attributes at different points in our many past lives. We can journey to one or more lifetimes (with or without first naming a talent or attribute we would like to contact) and bring forward either the attribute itself or the PLS (who becomes in effect an Inner Guide).

Rewriting past-life contracts: Part of our karma involving another person may stem from a promise or agreement made in a past life with that person, such as “I’ll never leave you.” After contacting the lifetime where the contract originated, the past life practitioner, together with an Inner Guide of the client (usually the Higher Self) ascertains whether there exists any outstanding debt or obligation, if so performing an appropriate atonement, and then revising the contract in a way most supportive of the client’s present needs. The whole process would enable a better present and future for the concerned person.

Grounding/Affirming: While this benefit of Past Life Regression seems inconsequential–it is the most profound and significant reason for engaging in the process. Many people after having completed several Past Life Regressions state they feel more grounded in who they are; now they understand why they have certain characteristics, passions, desires, values, talents, concerns, etc. and can use the information to live a happier and more balanced life in the now.

Past life regression therapy is a great way to seek answers which looks indifferent or unexplainable to you. At ISSAR we have a short-term course on Past Life Regression Therapy which would help you to learn this and help people to heal from their problems.

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