Hr. Hitesh Chakraworty is a renowned global Spiritual Healer who is compassionate about making a difference to the lives of many souls by healing them from chronic diseases, ailments, and lifestyle stress. His expertise is around the principles of thought correction with no medicines healing.

After spending and practicing in Dubai, Hr. Hitesh has now brought the same science of Spiritual Healing to India.

With his impressive credentials & certifications, he underwent intensive training in hypnotherapy and completed multiple courses in various allied healing therapies like EFT, Shamanic Healing, Chakra Healing, Sound Therapy, Intuitive Healing, Dream Therapy, Tarot Cards, Angel Cards amongst others.

In Dubai, while working as a senior HR professional, he came across multiple people suffering from life-threatening disorders and the pain they had to go through with no hope in sight. He was completely distraught and decided to devote his life to make lives of these patients simple who had nowhere to go to. He gave up a seven-figure MNC job to devote his life to the cause of promoting happy and disease-free world.

His rich HR experience of working with blue chip Indian and International MNCs like the Times of India Group, Perfetti Van Melle Group & more, has given him an extra edge as a Spiritual Healer with a better understanding of People and their behavior.

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Last year he came back to India (New Delhi) and setup Indian office of his healing center with the name- Happy Healing (HH).

Happy Healing offers consultation & treatments to patients looking for health and happiness beyond conventional medication however by using the immense power of the human mind by initiating self-healing for genetic or lifestyle-related ailments/diseases.

HH was awarded as the best start-up in healthcare sector at Leaders Skill India Summit Awards 2016.

Hitesh is a member of the AHA – USA, IHA – USA and AAH – USA. He also represents IHA in India and UAE. His impressive clients/patients are from different countries and professions who are now healed as expected and living a life as bestowed. 

For more details and personal appointments – www.happyhealing.in | HH Centers- South Delhi-Uday Park | Gurgaon- Haryana.


Happy Healing was awarded as the best start-up in health care sector at Leaders Skill India Summit Awards 2016. He treated numerous patients in Dubai for many years, while his heart was at home. He knew that people in India did not have the money and nowhere to go & get themselves cured from these sufferings. Because of this, he decided to leave everything and come to India to start Happy Healing.


Hitesh believes that the main cause for all human sufferings are the negative thoughts that manifest in people’s mind. “If we fix our thoughts, we fix the problem”, he often says. Hr. Hitesh just does not believe in surviving instead he believes thriving in life & living life whole-heartedly. He is a charming positive person who influences his patients to think, behave and lead a happy positive life.