New Career Opportunities for New Gen in India
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Career choices for youth have picked up considerably in India over the past decade or two, with music, animation, gaming, sports, writing, design, media and other kinds of entrepreneurship emerging as attractive options. This new generation or commonly termed as ‘Millennials’ are not looking for conventional career options. They want to go from Monday blues to I love Mondays.

But how will you love your Mondays?

  • By doing what you love:- It is really important to do the kind of work you love. Don’t do a job for the heck of it, do it because you love it. As it says, do what you love and you will never have to work again.
  • By being really good at it:- If you don’t know driving, you won’t go behind the wheel, no matter how much you love that car. The same way, don’t do something because you believe that your passion lies in that. Learn and be really good in it so that no one can replace you.
  • By having a balanced- life:- Work is important so is family and friends. Always maintain the balance between your professional and personal life. Don’t go overboard with your work that you don’t get your own time. Choose a career where you get your breathing space.

Unfortunately, many Indian youths make their career choices based on wrong or shallow advice from people with narrow work experiences. People here are more focused on what you want to BE when you grow up instead of what you want to DO when you grow up. People here have a typical mindset, where they believe that only a few options are there when it comes to choosing a career. But this is changing; the new gen isn’t taking the same old road. They believe that it’s up to them to decide on how to invest in their own learning and networking today


In a country like India where an estimated half of its population is below the age of 21, who is always looking for different careers options which can offer them more creativity and greater freedom. One of such career is of becoming a Holistic healer (Hr.).


As a Holistic Healer you get the freedom to choose whether to be an entrepreneur or to be an employee. At ISSAR we give you the training and provide you all the necessary skills required to be an Hr. A Holistic healer has a promising career along with a content one. As an Hr. you help people to heal from there ailments. You release people from their sufferings. You basically serve mankind while earning some handsome money. This career doesn’t come with any pre-requisite. You can be of any age or with any background, you can always start your career as a Healer.


In sum, our thought process is changing and so are our career preferences. Today we are thinking more about the present than future. Before deciding anything understand yourself, research and experiment with other careers, speak to experts, learn new skills and grow yourself as an individual. Remember, automation is coming and coming to eat most of the jobs but a career where AI would be useless like Holistic healing, are safe and secure.


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