Family Constellation Workshop

About the workshop

Family constellation is a powerful form of body, mind and soul healing that reveals the hidden dynamics in family systems. It uncovers the deeper forces that unknowingly influence our thoughts, behaviors, emotional experiences, physical symptoms and illnesses. This therapy can be used for overcoming problems like relationship issues, financial problems, negative relationship patterns, family dysfunction, physical illness, addictions, depression, obsessive thoughts, excessive guilt etc.

Day 1

  • Brief introduction about Family Constellation Workshop
  • Understanding Orders of Love
  • Parents and Children role
  • Early deaths of family members
  •  Miscarriages and Abortions
  • Role of Excluded Family Members
  • Adoption and it’s impact on the family members
  • Methodology of conducting Workshop

Day 2

  • Setting up Family Constellation
  •  Setting up Business Constellation
  • 3 Demos to be performed based on participant’s query/issues
  • Q & A