As the name suggests, this course is one stop module to learn end to end aspects of life. Be it physical, mental, related to relations, spiritual etc. We as human beings are affected by so many modalities around us. Be it our environment, society, family, relationships, the air we breathe, the food we eat etc. When it comes to healing, one needs to understand which modality is affecting us and what can be its consequences on our body and mind. This course helps in deep diving of our body mechanics, mind metrics, spiritual alignment, foreign forces and universal laws. Once you are through with all the modules, you will be able to cure any disease, ailment, phobia of yours and others.

Course Outline –

  1. Self-Discovery – Meditation
  2. Foundation Course in Holistic Healing
  3. Vastu Shastra – charity begins at home
  4. Clinical Hypnotherapy  – Fixing your mind
  5. Healing Behavioral issues using Clinical Hypnotherapy
  6. Emotional Empowerment Technique – Fixing your psychic brain
  7. Family Constellation – Repairing relationships
  8. Past Life Regression Therapy – Exploring journey of your soul
  9. Foreign entity / Black magic clearing
  10. Ancestral Healing – Healing your DNA
  11. Shamanic Healing – Healing from spirit world
  12. Metaphysics of physical ailments­ – uncovering the mystery of chronic ailments
  13. Tarot card Reading & Healing
  14. Connecting with Divine – “SAMADHI”

Duration: 1.5 Months | 12 Full Weekends | Course Fees: 1.5 Lacs