This course prepares you for an excellent, rewarding career in the field of Clinical Hypnotherapy.

The course has been designed with a lot of meticulous planning and hard work. It helps you to understand your own mind, value system and beliefs. In the process. It also develops skills that help you identify problems associated with the mental health, wellness, emotional well-being and spiritual beliefs of others.

Course Outline –

  1. Clinical Hypnotherapy – Fixing your mind
    a. Theory of Mind
    b. Accessing sub-conscious mind using clinical hypnotherapy
    c. Suggestibility – Theory & Laws
    d. Age regression therapy
    e. Inner Child Healing
    f. Concept of Sexuality
    g. Passive Aggressive Behavior (PAB)
    h. Defense Mechanisms
  2. Healing Behavioral issues using Clinical Hypnotherapy
    a. Dealing with Traumas
    b. Understanding Depression
    c. Anxiety
    d. Fear & Phobia Management
    e. Fear of Failure & Success
    f. Eating Disorders – Anorexia & Bulimia
    g. Resolving behavioral issues with Children
    i. Bed wetting
    ii. Children who lie & steal
    iii. Anti-social behavior
    iv. Examination anxiety
    h. Private violence & Treatment
    i.Wife beating
    ii.Child abuse
Duration: 1 Month | 8 Full Weekends | Fees: 1 Lacs