Children have the purest mind and soul. However, our handling of these little minds and the way we communicate with them, leads to mental blockages. This in turn causes behavioral changes that cause deep rooted problems. At ISSAR, we have a unique process to work with little kids to identify and eradicate the blockages that have been created in the young minds. This helps in treating most problems and leads to a healthy child, who is ready for a great future.
After completing this course, participants will be able to diagnose and treat children aged 17 and younger with mental, behavioral or emotional problems. This is a specialized program of ISSAR to create Hypnotherapists who can address child issues using Clinical hypnotherapy.

Course Outline

  1. Theory of Mind
  2. Fundamentals of Clinical Hypnotherapy
  3. Children and Hypnotherapy
  4. Psychological stages of development
  5. Family system approach
  6. Passive Aggressive Behavior
  7. Private violence and treatment – Child abuse, Incest
  8. Healing some common behavioral issues
    • Bed wetting
    • Children who lie & steel
    • Anti-social behavior
    • Examination Anxiety
    • Fear of darkness
    • Anger
  9. Continuous cold & cough
  10. Understanding how emotion of Mother affects baby in the womb
  11. Healing past-life issues with children
  12. Practice session of 2 hours (min) on each days of the course

Key take-aways –

  • You will be able to work with Children issues
  • Heal painful life events e.g. parents separating, criminal behavior, trauma, loss
  • Enable parents to feel more fulfilled in their parental role
Duration: 25 Hours | Course Fee: 25,000/-