All of us are connected to our ancestors by biology, territory and spirit. We are a result of their genes, karma and soul’s development. Their energy resides within all of us through our DNA and has the potential to influence us in our daily lives through their living consciousness. To stop a karmic pattern of dis-ease in our family is a true soul’s purpose through ancestral healing.
Ancestral Healing therapy course involves Healing your client’s ancestors’ unresolved emotional issues, problems or trauma. In so doing, it releases your client from any energetic patterns that link them to their ancestors- patterns that can have an inhibiting or disruptive influence on their life today. This Healing therapy is important because we are impacted by emotional and energetic patterns from prior generations in our family. Some of these can create obstacles in our lives, blocking our pathway to joy, abundance, authentic power and unlimited possibilities.
This course is a professional one day training teaching you how to heal and balance the subtle but powerful dynamics of the family tree.

Course content

  • Understanding bioenergetics of dying
  • Understanding genetics
  • Fundamentals of Clinical Hypnotherapy followed by practice session
  • Need for ancestral healing
  • Connecting to Spirit guide and Spirit animal
  • Understanding the steps of the transition process, & assisting the transition, using simple healing & meditation techniques
  • Practice round of ancestral therapy
  • Conducting ancestral healing for clients

Key take-aways

  • You will become a trained Ancestral Healing Therapist
  • Able to access the patterns of your family as well as your client’s family
  • Heal any ancestral karmic influences
  • Explore ways to determine ancestral influences
  • Open up channels of support from your ancestors
Duration: 10 Hours | Course Fee: 20,000/-