Career as a Holistic Healer
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Is your job secure? What happens if you lose out your job today? Are you satisfied with your job?

Well, life is full of uncertainty and in today’s time where everything is getting automated how can a person’s job be safe! But then, there are things which cannot be done by robots like driving car, Oh wait! Driverless cars are already in the testing phase. Is there anything which a robot cannot do, yes! They cannot replace a Healer. A healer’s job is safe when it comes to automation. It is a satisfying, rewarding and challenging career that does not change or tire even across the years.

But who is a holistic healer?      

An Hr. (Holistic Healer) is a person who not only heals the immediate disease but also heals the entire system. A holistic healer would go in depth of the disease and would make you rid of the root cause of the problem.

But can I be a Holistic healer?

Yes, anyone can be a holistic healer. To be an Hr. all you need is a self believe. Ask yourself, do you like to help people when they are in need? Does it make you happy to see others smiling? Do you feel sad if you see someone around you unhappy? Do you feel like extending a helping hand to that person? If yes, then this career is for you.

But what about the salary and the growth?

Holistic healer earns on hourly basis. Though initially the hourly charges would be less(~ Rs.2000/hr) but as one progresses in this field, the charges increase. It is a well-paying career and has an ample scope of growth. It will help you get the complete “GIST of your life” (Growth, Income, Satisfaction and Time)

But how will I start my career?

At ISSAR, we not only train you to become a healer but also provide employment opportunities to the deserving learners of our institute. After the completion of your course, based on your will and eligibility, you can join us as a healer(in Happy Healing) or as a trainer.

If I don’t want to quit my current job

That’s the best part of this career. You can work as per your own terms. If you don’t want to quit your job, then you can start it as a part time career. There are no fixed timings to pursue Healer as a career option.

But I don’t have the budget to invest in a business

Who said you need huge investments for this. In this, all you need is skills (which we will teach you) and voila. You can start this from your own home or you can join us as well.

But I think I am too young/old to do this!

Whether you’re 25 or 52, it doesn’t matter until you have the zeal to contribute to the society while earning for yourself. Holistic healing is one such career where you can work from your comfort zone and still grow intellectually.

If I end up giving any wrong medicine?

Well this is a no medicinal healing! Yes, you read it right! Holistic Healing helps you learn how to heal your clients without prescribing them with any medicine. Be an Hr. (Holistic Healer) & work with your clients helping them achieve the life that they have yearned for.

All said and done, we hope we have answered your entire ifs and buts. If you still have some doubts or still unsure about Hr. as a career, feel free to get in touch with us.

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