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We all remember our favorite childhood story. We all have heard so many stories in our young days but some stories leave their mark on our brain and they remain with us in our subconscious. Well, those childhood stories sometimes get so imprinted on our brain that they affect our adulthood as well. A process call age regression therapy helps us to access all those childhood memories that can help enlighten us and transform us.

Age regression is a method used by hypnotherapists/healers that allows us to revisit times in the past that were in some way traumatizing to us emotionally. Often these memories have been suppressed and so our conscious mind is unable to recollect them. Through the use of hypnosis, we can gain access to our unconscious (or subconscious) mind, the subconscious will have a full recollection of all the events in our life, so by asking the subconscious a series of questions pertinent to our condition we can begin to identify any long-forgotten events of the past. This then allows the patient, in tandem with the hypnotherapist, to begin eliminating the feelings of negativity or helplessness they experience as an adult.

Once these events of childhood have been identified then they can be reframed and current behavior can be changed. This means that any negative perceptions the unconscious mind holds about the childhood event can be eliminated and any charge they have can be nullified. At the same time, what is causing problems in adulthood can also be identified and eradicated. There may be certain actions or keywords that happened in our childhood days and that trigger the trauma in our adulthood. When this happens we can then, for no conscious reason, begin to experience the feelings we had back then. In identifying and eliminating these particular triggers we can also begin to eliminate the negative feelings they give us as adults.

The healer uses age regression techniques to help patients remember forgotten or subconscious memories that have resulted in physical, emotional, or mental difficulties. Age regression with hypnotherapy has been used for many years to treat patients to increase motivation and alter poor behavior.

So as we can see, Hypnosis age regression is a great method for helping us to overcome childhood feelings of helplessness and negativity. It is a therapy that can help us to eliminate long ago learned behavior that may be holding us back in achieving our goals and in reaching our full potential. At ISSAR we have a short-term course on Age Regression Therapy which would help you to learn this and you can eventually help people to heal from their problems

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