ISSAR is world’s first and the only institute dedicated to create trained & certified talent pool to help in cradling , nurturing and building Beautiful Minds by putting the Science of Spirituality (SoS) in practice.

ISSAR’s SoS framework is thus the guiding light house to its various programs impacting Mind, Body and Soul and the connect with the Universe.

After extensive research, getting certified and putting hours of practice, the Founder of ISSAR Hr Hitesh Chakraworty has put the steps in place as modules to become a Spiritual Healer  for his students.

The power of SoS is now within the learners reach, to get trained, certified and work as a professional Spiritual Healer.

Under ISSAR, in addition to its Flagship Certificate Program in Spiritual Healing, there are many more short / long term courses. Most of these courses are getting in ever increasing demand to heal the world suffering with mind ailments including DART (Depression, Anxiety, Relationship Issues, and Trauma)

Hence, giving exciting careers to ISSAR students with a touch of impacting human life and service to the mankind.

ISSAR’s programs are now available in India through its Campus in South Delhi – Uday Park with satellite extensions in Gurgaon and central Delhi.

Most of the programs are offered in alliance with IHA, US along with ISSAR’s exclusive SoS modules.

Are you ready to build a world of Beautiful Minds! 

If yes, you are just one click away!