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Institute of Spiritual Science Awareness and Research

We all are struggling in some way or the other with life-related issues. It is difficult for most individuals to define the right cause of their problems. Due to this reason, thousands of bodies and souls are seeking serenity. ISSAR is an organization which leverages Science of Spirituality (SoS) to resolve all life-related issues and answers to ill-existence.

ISSAR with trained minds & experienced healers is on a mission to serve mankind through Spiritual Awakening, Dhyan, Ancestral Healing among others. ISSAR’s working genre connects the Science of Spirituality with our ailments of life. After the vast study of energy, hypnotherapy, genetics, and other healing therapies, Hitesh Chakraworty, the founder of ISSAR is focusing on latent issues of an individual’s life mainly including Life Transformation, Relationship Issues and DNA Decoding (Ancestral Healing).

After doing significant research on the growth in the spiritual healing, ISSAR is expanding the study and including more volunteers to the community. It takes inner conscience to step ahead and serve humanity, for which the career options from ISSAR gives you a clear vision into Science of Spirituality. The institute has organized workshops in multiple cities in India and UAE including Pune, Noida, Chandigarh, Delhi & Dubai.

We believe that ISSAR stands out because of its emphasis on the power of Science to heal Souls. Some of the programs offered are approved by IHA, USA. Our mission is to reach to a larger body of individuals with SoS so that maximum people can benefit from it. Many individuals sense the inner call of help, but unfortunately, most of us are denying the call. It is the moment to walk on the path of enlightenment to seek help as well as provide support to others too.

We as an esteemed fraternity are putting our best efforts to heal mind, body and soul. We warmly welcome everyone who wishes to have certified training in spiritual healing.

About Founder Of ISSAR

Hitesh Chakraworty is a renowned global Spiritual Healer who is compassionate about making a difference to the lives of many souls by healing them from life blockages, chronic diseases, ailments, and lifestyle stress. His expertise is around the principles of thought correction with no medicines healing.

After spending and practicing in different countries, Hitesh has brought the same science of Spiritual Healing to India in 2016.

With his impressive credentials & certifications, he underwent intensive training in hypnotherapy and completed multiple courses in various allied healing therapies like EFT, Shamanic Healing, Chakra Healing, Sound Therapy, Intuitive Healing, Dream Therapy, Tarot Cards, Angel Cards amongst others. His urge for spiritual awakening did not end here, he wandered for several years in Uttarakhand, India and did his Spiritual research in different ashrams with different wandering sages and then finally he accomplished Mother Kali and Gayatri siddhis.

He broadly provides three services relating to Life Transformation, Relationship Issues and Ancestral Healing (DNA Decoding - genetical problems).

Hitesh had the idea of ISSAR when he discovered his soul and its seeking. While working as a senior HR professional he came across many people suffering from fatal diseases and mental breakdowns and realized that people are suffering also quitting over hope for relief. With the first idea of helping people with Science of Spirituality made him realize that even a seven digit MNC job is not able to bring him peace. He wanted inner peace and satisfaction so finally Hitesh decided to devote the rest of his life in healing people spiritually. His rich HR experience of working with blue chip Indian and International MNCs like the Times of India Group, Perfetti Van Melle Group & more, has given him an extra edge as a Spiritual Healer with a better understanding of People and their behavior.

His Spiritual Healing venture Happy Healing which he started in UAE was awarded as the best start-up in holistic healthcare sector at Leaders Skill India Summit Awards 2016.

Hitesh is a member of the AHA – USA, IHA – USA and AAH – USA. He also represents IHA in India and UAE. His impressive clients/patients are from different countries and professions who are now healed as expected and living a life as bestowed.

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