ISSAR offers various training programs to the people to become a professional spiritual healer with the science of spirituality. The field of spiritual healing has grown over the years widely. Many people are coming ahead to take spiritual healing as their career or profession. There are several courses available for training by ISSAR.

Spiritual Healer Training Program

This program covers the main seven dimensions of becoming a spiritual healer.

  • Physical
  • Mental
  • Relationship/Romance
  • Interests
  • Finances
  • Family/Friends
  • Divine/Universal Consciousness

The course deals with prioritizing their life as per the seven dimensions of spirituality. The priority shift creates troubles in one’s life. ISSAR trains people with each segment in-depth like body mechanics, mind metrics, foreign entities, ancestral issues, mental blocks, and spiritual issues.

  • Course content
  • Self-discovery – Meditation
  • Foundation course in Spiritual Healing
  • VastuShastra – Charity begins at home
  • Clinical hypnotherapy – Fixation of Mind
  • Emotional empowerment technique- fixing the Psychic brain
  • Family constellation – Repairing Relationships
  • Past life regression therapy- explore your soul’s journey
  • Foreign entity/black magic clearance
  • Ancestral healing- heal the DNA
  • Shamanic healing – healing from the spirit world
  • Metaphysics of physical ailments- uncover the chronic ailments
  • Tarot card reading and healing
  • Connecting with divine – Samadhi
Duration of the course – 1 month/ 7weekends

Spirit World Therapy

Many times we observe that our problems or issues are chronic and do not belong to this world. This course trains one to take a tour and understand the spirit world and connects the social, mental, physical issues. The spirit world helps to redirect the altered stage of consciousness. The spirits consciousness helps in healing the people suffering.

  • Course content
  • Introduction to the spirit world
  • Understanding lower, middle and upper world
  • Fire meditation
  • Connecting with your spirit guide and spirit animal
  • Journey to the three worlds
  • Understanding Bioenergetics of dying
  • The ultimate crossing of soul
  • Space clearing
  • Ancestral healing
Duration of the course- 4 full days

Past Life Therapy

We all have a past which either belongs to this life or is related to our past life. We have no specific way to run away from it, we have to face it. There are moments when we suffer because of our past life memories and the autobiography of our soul. Our past life decides who we are now and who we were, there are fears in our present lives attached to our past lives like hydrophobia, fear of height, and other traumas. ISSAR gives you the training to know the person’s problem from their past life.

  • Course content
  • Understanding the bioenergetics of dying
  • Theory of mind
  • Debriefing about past life therapy?
  • Understanding Déjà vu
  • Conducting Past Life Regression
  • Resolving current life issue with past life therapy
  • Conducting past life therapy for your clients

Become a Relationship Counselor Healer

There is a lot of issues amongst relationships because of several conflicts. ISSAR believes that a family is like an energy field where each member has a unique position. The moment a person is born in a family, he/she inherits biological genes as well as belief systems and behavior patterns. This limits or enhances a person’s capability for success in achieving goals, finances, relationships, health and well-being. The energy field of a family is shaped by emotional events such as the relationship history of parents, grandparents, ancestors, early death history, miscarriages, adoptions, suicides, murders, wars, forced to leave their country, changes in religion, betrayal and so forth. Most people are not aware of such histories of their family energy field and hence are unconscious and ignorant of its influence. The trained Healer from ISSAR reaches the depth of the problem and helps in maintaining a healthy and happy relationship.

Duration of the course- 7 full days
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Devi Siddhi

Devi being the origin of everything holds a lot of mysteries of the universe. ISSAR gives the fine training to reach and connect with the supreme power Devi, which helps in healing people’s life.

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