Life Transformation

Problems related to downfall in career, loss in business etc

Imagine when your life is going really well and everything is cheerful until you experience a sudden series of loss and sorrow like consecutive deaths in a family or downfall in business. All of us experience bad phase at some point or the other, where we try everything like consulting a counselor, meditation and every possible method to get rid of our issues but, none really works. Then comes the moment when we simply blame our destiny. The problem never lies in destiny it’s the energy field that revolves around us, that needs an assessment. Hitesh extends his hands of experience to align the disturbed energy of yours which is creating troubles in your lives. Life transformation deals with channelizing the energy waves in the right direction. Bad Phase includes many things from deaths to disturbing relationship issues which needs a deep analysis for the right solution. Whatever happens to us is influenced by a lot of factors, so Life Transformation as the name suggests is a service where the complete transformation of the energy field is done.

Relationship Healing

Problems related to family, friends, spouse and other relationships

Hitesh believes that a family is like an energy field where each member has a unique position. The moment a baby is born in a family he/she inherits biological genes as well as belief systems and behavior patterns.

This limits or enhances a person’s capability for success in achieving goals, finances, relationships, health and well-being. Most of the time people going through issues in relationships are not able to understand the cause of it. We simply blame it on the person’s behavior or nature but there are much deeper reasons behind it. Many marriages fail because of severe fights, also many families experience great loss because of conflicts. Whatever suffering or diseases we carry, are imprinted memories of our ancestral adaptions be it emotional, mental or physical. Hitesh considers these acute issues and goes in-depth or even the past of the client’s life to solve the relationship issues.

Ancestral Healing / Dna Decoding

Problems related to genetics, hereditary diseases, and progressive generation issues

Many times we come across cases that the offspring are more likable to fall prey to the diseases that their fathers have or ancestors had. Other than genetics what is common in these generations is the suffering. Many people are not able to follow their passion and dreams because of these hereditary diseases which are a major concern today. The extensive study done by Hitesh unfolds many mysteries of such issues. He makes sure to spot the problem internally of the client depending on the problem/disease one has. Ancestral healing/ DNA Decoding includes the proper analysis of the genes and healing the client.

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