Awakening is the process to describe the shift from complacency, lack of knowledge, and an acceptance that things are not within our control. This is the stage where one becomes completely self-aware, self-empowered, and achieve a sense of balance with all things.
Awakening comprises of two segments:


As the name suggests Dhyaan or Meditation takes all your concentration for the moment with no distraction. It is about being present in a moment with no disturbing or external thoughts and emotions. Dhyaan includes many factors that should be taken care of.

• Food- Nature derived and less in quantity.
• Breathe- Deep breathing practice.
• Concentration- Focus on breath
• Sense Deprivation- Silence, Closed eyes and sense of Happiness from within.

ISSAR offers 7 days DhyaanYog program to help one in starting their journey of Peace.

Samadhi Yog

Samadhi is an ancient Sanskrit word which means Union with Divine. It is the birth right of each one of us and we all must have it.

What is it, which is greater than happiness, wealth, power, glamour, and grandeur?

What was it that Buddha left his kingdom, and Socrates happily sacrificed his life?

We at ISSAR show you the path of peace, accompanies you mentally to the journey but the ultimate walk is yours.

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