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We all are struggling in some or the other way from our life-related issues and find no right cause of the problems, due to which there are thousands of bodies and souls seeking serenity. ISSAR is that one organization which uses Science of Spirituality(SoS) to solve all life-related issues and answer all the ill existence. ISSAR along with the trained minds and experienced healers are out on a mission to serve mankind through Spiritual Awakening, Dhyan, Ancestral Healing and so on. ISSAR’s working genre connects the Science of Spirituality with our ailments of life. After the vast study of energy, hypnotherapy, genetics, and other healing therapies, Hitesh Chakraworty, the founder of ISSAR is trying to dive into latent issues of an individual’s life mainly including Life Transformation, Relationship Issues and DNA Decoding (Ancestral Healing).

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Dhyaan Yog
Samadhi Yog


Life Transformation
Realtionship Healing
DNA Decoding


Spiritual Healer
Realtionship Healer
Past Life Therapy
Devi Sidhi


Stress Management
Corporate Consciousness



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